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What's the secret of new svelte Camilla? £45 'lipo massage' that claims to banish fluid retention and flatten a bloated stomach? 

Duchess of Cornwall enjoys yoga, riding, hill walking and eating sensibly

The 67-year-old is also having £45-a-time slimming lymph drain massages

Said to flush out toxins, banish fluid retention and flatten bloated stomach 

Whether she’s shaking hands at a country fair or dazzling in diamonds at a film premiere, the Duchess of Cornwall is looking particularly radiant these days.

At 67, she has glowing skin, bright eyes and an enviably svelte figure.

Her secret? As well as yoga, riding, hill walking and eating sensibly, Camilla is having £45-a-time slimming lymph drain massages – which have been described as the ‘manual way to have liposuction’.

Although the Duchess’s size 10 figure is hardly in need of help, the treatment has a fabulously firming and smoothing effect.

It is said to speed up the lymphatic system to flush out toxins, banish fluid retention and flatten a bloated tummy.

It can also help to firm the skin and reduce cellulite. Clients can lose up to 4lb a time, although sources close to the Duchess say she has not lost weight and is not trying to do so.

Camilla is being treated by beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell, who shot to fame with her organic bee-sting facial.

She goes to Clarence House, the Duchess’s home in London, to provide regular one-hour massages. Mrs Mitchell does not discuss her high-profile client list, which is said to have included Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and even Simon Cowell.

But one therapist at her skincare company, Heaven, told the Mail: ‘The treatment involves a full body massage with movements designed to speed up the lymphatic system as lymph responds to movement. It can become particularly sluggish as we mature, but with this firm massage the body becomes more sculpted as well as slimmer.

‘You can really lose weight, as well as fluid.’ She added: ‘Our slimming lymph drain massage is known as the manual way to have liposuction and you can lose up to 4lb per treatment.

‘A course of five is recommended, with a treatment at least once a week to help achieve your ideal weight goal. The massage can also help to relieve flu, allergies, fluid retention, digestion problems, arthritis, rheumatism, IBS and flatten a bloated tummy.’

The Duchess still treats herself to Mrs Mitchell’s signature bee-sting facials too – described by those in the know as Botox in a jar – which have given her skin its luminous glow.

The venom is said to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Camilla is such a devotee of the Heaven skincare range that she has introduced the Duchess of Cambridge to it.

A source said: ‘The Duchess of Cornwall has no interest in, or indeed needs to, lose weight.

‘But she does enjoy regular beauty treatments as most women do.’ In 2012, Camilla flew to a holistic health centre in India that specialises in ‘spiritually healing massages’.





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