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LaterLife Training Ltd

"Later Life Training Ltd was formed in Feb 2003 by, Dawn Skelton, Susie Dinan-Young and Bob Laventure who are the directors. The company was originally set up to allow the continuation of the delivery of the continuumof training that the three of them had developed alongside an advisory group, with funding from the Department of Health. 

The continuum of training was developed to increase the accessibility, consistency, safety, and effectiveness of physical activity and exercise programmes for frailer, older people. The original continuum comprised the PSI, CBE and SLM courses and was first piloted in Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth Health Authority and then run by East Midlands and Pennine Training through Leicester College. After 4 years, it became clear that in order to run these courses around the country and meet the need of PCTs and local health authorities, the training could not be delivered by a College, hence the set up of LLT.

We are a non-profit making organisation and all out profit is reinvested back into updating and developing the courses and continuing professional development. Over the years LLT have developed more training courses (MMe, OEP, and the most recent, EfS) and have formed strong relationships with Universities, Skills Active, the Register of Exercise Professionals and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in order to ensure standards are kept high and there is a range of continuing professional development to support the continuum. We continue to strive towards courses that equip health, social care and exercise professionals to work towards national targets as well as contributing to promoting independence and quality of life.

Building a strong network of specialist exercise provision

The PSI, CBE and SLM courses were first piloted and run in 1999, LLT ran them from Feb 2003 to date. The OEP Course was piloted and first run in 2006. MMe was first piloted and run in 2008. LLT only started running the EfS courses this year but have piloted the course in three areas and are raring to go. We are currently developing specialist training for those working with people living with dementia.

As of April 2011, LLT have qualified:

  • 1271 Postural Stability Instructors (+150 qualified prior to 2003)
  • 20 Exercise after Stroke Instructors (started Sept 2010)
  • 800 Otago Exercise Programme Leaders (started 2006)
  • over 3000 Chair Based Exercise Leaders (with LEC, NFE, PFE and LLT)

and delivered

  • Motivate Me training to over 530 professionals
  • Someone Like Me training to over 300 professionals
  • Falls prevention awareness training to over 2000 professionals

and given over 200 talks to older people covering topics such as active ageing, falls prevention and osteoporosis."

The information above is taken from the LaterLife Training website.

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16.05 | 17:31

Lumi is immensely knowledgeable and has really helped me so much with my lymphodema. Highly recommended for mld and Bowen. She is absolutely the best!

16.05 | 10:20

I have been seeing Lumi for a few months now for both MLD and Bowen technique massages and quite honestly I have never felt better! Lumi has been simply amazing, extremely knowledgeable, professional, very friendly and easy to talk to. I am very pleased w