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Reflexology is a holistic therapy that involves the application of pressure to specific points, known as reflexes, on the feet and hands to encourage the body to heal from within. The therapy is based on the principle that the feet and hands contain 'mini-maps' of the whole body and that by applying pressure using the fingers or thumbs a reflexologist can have a positive effect on the corresponding parts of the body.

The right foot/hand corresponds to the right hand side of the body and the left foot/hand to the left hand side of the body.

Reflexology is so much more than a simple foot rub or hand massage - it is a powerful therapy which has been shown to have a very positive effect on health and wellbeing.

Reflexology helps to restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium and encourages the bodyto work naturally to heal itself.

Reflexology is suitable for people of all ages, and has been shown to be effective for many conditions, but a few examples include.

  • Back pain
  • Migraine 
  • Fertility
  • Arthritis
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sports injuries
  • Hormonal disorders 
  • Digestive disorders 
  • Stress related conditions

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16.05 | 17:31

Lumi is immensely knowledgeable and has really helped me so much with my lymphodema. Highly recommended for mld and Bowen. She is absolutely the best!

16.05 | 10:20

I have been seeing Lumi for a few months now for both MLD and Bowen technique massages and quite honestly I have never felt better! Lumi has been simply amazing, extremely knowledgeable, professional, very friendly and easy to talk to. I am very pleased w